Non-Smokers Think They Need More Vacation To Make Up For Smoke Breaks

Many non-smokers are feeling cheated by smokers.

How so?  Well, it’s because of all the breaks they get so they can feed their habit.  In fact, a new survey finds that 42% of non-smoking workers think they should get between three and five extra vacation days a year to make up for the difference, and 28% of smokers actually think that sounds accurate.

While that may seem a bit extreme to you, it does make sense when you consider that the amount of time an average cigarette smoker uses for breaks translates to about six working days a year.  And it could be even more depending on what industry they're in, with folks in tech, retail, finance and insurance taking 20 days per year in cigarette breaks.  As for whether taking smoke breaks is fair, 81% smokers say it is, while only 25% of non-smokers agree.

  • And if bosses wanted to get their employees to quit they should maybe consider incentives like extra vacation.  The survey finds women would be willing to quit the habit for 11 more days, while men would need 12.

Source: Halo

PHOTO:  Getty Images

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