Selfies Could Make Your Nose Look Bigger

Even if you’re not a constant selfie-taker, you know that the idea is to snap and share these photos because you think you look good in that moment.  But according to new research, taking a selfie might actually make your nose look bigger than it is in real life.  Not that there’s anything wrong with big noses, but you probably want your photos to look like you do in real life.  

This important scientific discovery was made when researchers from Rutgers University and Stanford University took data from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health to figure out average facial proportions.  They used mathematical modeling to evaluate the difference in nose size in photos taken 12 inches from someone’s face - that’s the average distance of a selfie - and photos taken five feet from the face.

And it turns out, selfies “significantly distort” people’s appearances by making our noses look much bigger.  How much are we talking?  The average base of the nose looks about 30% wider in selfies and the tip appears about 7% wider than if the photo was taken from five feet, the average portrait distance. So remember that when you’re critical of your next selfie, don’t let your self-worth take a hit over it.

Source: Women's Health

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