Ladies Are Partying In Their Wedding Dresses

When Christine Burke and her friends were planning their annual New Year’s Eve party, they decided to wear their wedding dresses, bring their wedding photo albums, and drink champagne in their gowns while laughing at old pictures.  They had so much fun laughing at how much hair their hubby’s had back then and even though some of them couldn’t even zip their dresses up anymore, the ladies all loved wearing their white gowns again.

And after the writer shared pics on Facebook of her besties at their wedding dress party, other women have shared photos of their squads having their own wedding dress parties.  Now the trend has gone viral and why not?  We pay hundreds or thousands for a wedding gown, wear it once, but keep it forever just collecting dust in the attic?  It’s time to dust off the dresses and veils and wear them once again, even if it’s been 20 years.

What a perfect girls night in: some wine, your old wedding photos, and you and your BFFs, trying your best to fit into your old wedding dresses.  You can laugh about the wine stain on the front of the gown that you got at your reception and your husbands can shake their heads in disbelief as you have a living room dance party wearing your old white dresses.  Life is short, when else are you gonna wear that thing again?

Source: Scary Mommy

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