How To Change Your Facebook Picture For International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a world-wide event to celebrate the women’s rights movement and highlight all the social, cultural, economic and political achievements women have made, and to point out how far we have to go.  To honor the event, some attend rallies or contact elected officials, but if you’re looking for a small, but still meaningful way to show your support, you could add a temporary International Women’s Day profile pic on Facebook or Twitter.

An illustrative profile photo on social media can be a good way to remind others to get involved and to take action.  It’s not the most important thing you could do, but it does help call attention to an important cause.  And every little bit counts! So here’s how you change your profile pic for International Women’s Day this Thursday.

  • Go to Twibbon and search for “International Women’s Day” - Facebook doesn’t have a special profile for International Women’s Day this year, so head to the website Twibbon to choose one.
  • Pick your preferred frame - You can choose what you want to write to support the campaign, the hashtag #MakeItHappen is a popular choice.
  • Log In - Sign in using Facebook or Twitter
  • Decide which profile to change - Facebook, Twitter, or both.
  • Position and resize the frame - Adjust the size, add your Twibbon, along with a message of support if you choose.
  • Click add Twibbon to Facebook - Then go to the site directly and make that your profile photo. And it’s just that easy.

Source: Bustle

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