Americans Are a Bunch Of Drunk Shoppers

There are a lot of embarrassing things we can do when we're drunk, but it turns out one major thing a lot of us are guilty of isn’t necessarily embarrassing, but it's pretty costly.  A new report by reveals that 48% of Americans admit they shop while drunk, and it’s having a huge impact on their bank accounts.

The survey finds that overall Americans spent about $30.43-billion on drunk purchases last year, which comes out to about $448 per person, which is twice as much as the year before!  And believe it or not, men do more of the drunk shopping, spending $564, while women spend only about $282.

When it comes to age, Gen Xers spend the most drunk shopping, about $737.87, which is three times more than Millennials, who spend $206.11.  But even though Gen Xers spend more, Millennials are more likely to actually drunk shop, with 61.07% Millennials admitting to drunk shopping, as compared to 51.17% Gen Xers.

So where is all this money going to?  Well, about 61% of people drunkenly spend their money on food, while a little more than 25% drunk buy shoes and clothes and just under 25% waste their money drunk gambling.


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