Revealed?: OJ's "Accidental Confession"

FOX is airing a long-shelved OJ Simpson interview this weekend.  And while the first clip looked bad, this one looks worse.  To remind you, in “OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?” OJ speaks hypothetically about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  Just as he did in his book, "If I Did It."

But now we've got another clip . . . and while the first clip sounded bad, this clip sounds a lot less hypothetical and a lot more confessional.  In it, host Judith Regan asks OJ about a chapter from his book they collaborated on titled, “If I Did It.”  He begins to tell of his "hypothetical" friend "Charlie," and while he's talking in third person, he suddenly shifts to first.

But apparently, this isn't just going to be a rehash of a dusty old interview.  This time, Regan returns - and will roll the interview with a panel in tow: Simpson case prosecutor Christopher Darden, Nicole Brown Simpson family rep Eve Shakti Chen, retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente and others.  You can see it all and decide for yourself after the two-hour special airs at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Source: Deadline

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