The 9 Deadliest Jobs in the U-S


While some people think sitting behind a desk each day is slowly killing them, there are actually a lot of jobs out there that are so dangerous they can be deadly. Well, a new report reveals which jobs are the deadliest out there, and while you think they’d at least pay pretty well, you’d be totally wrong.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor statistics of the nine  jobs that are considered the most deadly, most don’t compensate workers all that well. In fact, with the exception of aircraft pilots, the average salary for the deadliest jobs is only $46,435 a year, which is $2,287 less than the average across all professions.

So, what are the most deadly jobs in the country? Well, the absolute  worst are driving sales workers and truck drivers, which saw 918  fatalities in 2016, or 24.7 per 100,000 workers. As for the average wage, they make $28,000 and $34,790, respectively.

The Nine Deadliest Jobs In The U.S.(Fatalities in 2016, average wage)

  1. Driving sales workers and truck drivers (918 fatalities, $28,440/$34,790)
  2. Farmers (260 deaths, $27,810)
  3. Grounds maintenance workers (260, $28,010)
  4. Construction workers (134, $37,890)
  5. Roofers (101, $42,080)
  6. Loggers (91, $38,880)
  7. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers (75, $86,260)
  8. Refuse and recyclable material collectors (31, $37,690)
  9. Fishing workers (24, $30,740)

Source: USA Today 

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