The Tallest Teen In The World Stands At Over Seven Feet

At just 16-years-old Brandon Marshall may be the tallest teenager in the world.  Hailing from the U.K., he stands at a whopping seven-feet, four-inches and doctors say he could still be growing.  Good news is he doesn’t put the height to waste.  He’s just been picked up by the Welsh national basketball team.

But get this - Brandon wasn’t always so tall.  “I was a normal size up until the age of nine,” says Brandon.  “I then had a big growth spurt.  I was about six-foot when I was about 13 and I started to grow a lot more by then.”

His biggest obstacles?  Shoes and a large enough bed.  He wears a size 17 shoe and his mom, Lynne Quelch has just ordered him a custom bed.

  • As for Brandon's siblings, they’re all at normal heights.  But his mom is five-feet, eleven-inches... and his father is six-feet, ten-inches tall . . . so height does run in his family, but no one imagined this.
  • What doctors have found is that he’s missing chromosome 12, which "is known as the height cropper chromosome."  His mom says that his “height gene is mutated” and doctors are still looking into it.  While doctors continue to investigate, Brandon continues his dream playing for the Welsh international basketball team.  He plays Lithuania in August.

Source: NY Post

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