What Was On The Original McDonalds Menu . . .

Back when the McDonald brothers started their restaurant in 1940, their simple menu only had nine items on it.  The “Amazing Menu” was full of fun adjectives to describe the food and drinks, like the downright “delightful” root beer.  And the most expensive thing on it was the shake at 20-cents.

Fast food was a new concept back then and here’s what was on the original McDonald’s menu:

  • Pure Beef Hamburger ... 15-cents
  • Tempting Cheeseburger ... 19-cents
  • Triple-Thick Shakes ... 20-cents
  • Golden French Fries ... 10-cents
  • Thirst-Quenching Coke … 10-cents
  • Delightful Root Beer … 10-cents
  • Steaming Hot Coffee … 10-cents
  • Full-Flavor Orange Drink … 10-cents
  • Refreshing Cold Milk … 12-cents

Source: Fox News

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