Beware Of Tax Scams During Tax Season

It's tax season, which also means it's the season of tax scams.

Phone lines across the country were inundated by robocalls last month with a national record of nearly three-billion calls.  There has been a spike in reports of IRS robocall scams.  These scammers try to trick consumers into thinking there is a problem with their taxes as a way to steal financial information. Experts advise never to respond to any calls claiming to be from the IRS, as you'll receive a letter with any tax information.  Also, never give your personal information over the phone to anyone you don't know.

On a related note . . . the FTC is continuing to crack down on student loan re-payment scams.  Many Americans have student loans and many have trouble re-paying them each month.  While some companies claim to offer services to help you pay your loans down quicker and cheaper, be cautious . . . it could be a scam.  Some tips to avoid, are the scams that include paying an up-front fee and only scammers promise that they can quickly rid you of your loans.  The FTC also advises you not to share your federal student aid ID with anyone and just because someone has an official looking seal doesn't mean it's legit.

Source: KWQC

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