Funny Things People Admit Misunderstanding As Kids

Not only do kids say the darndest things, they think them too.  That’s because it’s just too easy to get confused and misunderstand words, phrases, and ideas when you’re young.  But all those things you got wrong as a kid make for funny stories now that we’re older and wiser.  When Jennifer Wright admitted some of the things she got wrong as a kid and called them out on Twitter, others joined in and it turns out, we were all pretty clueless as kids.

Jennifer tweeted: “What’s the weirdest thing you remember misunderstanding as a kid?  I thought adultery meant ‘pretending to be an adult’.”  And her post went viral, with lots of others chiming in.  It seems a lot of us were confused by the whole “no drinking and driving” thing, especially because cars come with cup holders.

Others admit they were confused by historical events.  Some thought Watergate was an actual gate that held back water and others thought the Underground Railroad was a literal railroad underground.  And plenty of us were concerned about the Youth In Asia.

One user thought his family might be vampires because his mom was from Pennsylvania, but a kind teacher explained that Transylvania was a whole different thing.  And one poor kid thought being a virgin was something religious, so they told sixth grade friends that they weren’t one.  

Source: The Stir

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