The One Thing You Could Do To Blow A Job Interview

There’s no doubt job interviews can be nerve wracking, especially if it’s a job you really want, but it turns out you could blow that interview even before you open your mouth.

A new survey of 850 hiring managers finds that most agree that there’s one simple thing job seekers can do to blow a job interview and that’s being late.  That’s right, 98% of hiring managers say that not showing up on time for your interview will negatively affect your chances of being hired.

Other things that can negatively affect the chances you’ll be hired include:

  • Whining (92%)
  • Showing lack of preparation (89%)
  • Bad-mouthing a former boss (88%)
  • Bad-mouthing a former company (87%)
  • Making grammar or spelling mistakes on a cover letter (86%)
  • Using poor grammar in an interview (84%)
  • Having unrealistic compensation requirements (84%)
  • Being underqualified (80%)
  • Answering questions incorrectly (77%) 

Source: Simply Hired

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