Mom Refused to Pay For Bad Haircut...Gets Kicked Out of Walmart

This didn't happen was up in Pennsylvania. A Mom took her 3 boys to Walmart to get their hair cut. She has taken them there she didn't think twice about it. Once they were all done, she looked at her kids and realized one of her sons had the worst hair cut she had ever seen. The "stylist" was too busy talking, shaved a bald spot on his head...and half of his eyebrow! A buzzed head ain't too bad...but there there ain't a thing you can do about his missing eyebrow. 

Oh, and to top it all off...they wanted to make her pay for it! She paid for the other two boys, but refused to pay for her son with the bad hair cut. After she refused to pay for it...Walmart told her she wasn't allowed back. 

Would YOU pay?