Smell Like Breakfast With Cheese Shampoo And Bacon Conditioner

We all have that one friend who can’t get enough bacon in their life and for them, there is now bacon-scented hair conditioner.  And what shampoo would go best with that?  Cheese-scented shampoo, of course.  The set is now available from Einstein Bros to make hair smell just like breakfast.

Yes, the bagel restaurant is now selling a set of Cheesy Shampoo and Wakin’ Bacon Conditioner as a promo for their new Cheesy Wakin’ Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.  The folks at “Delish” magazine say the bacon “has a smoky, pork-like scent that grows stronger as you suds up,” but describe the Cheesy Shampoo as smelling more like a Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly.

But if you want to awaken your morning routine with something unexpected that will “get you excited about breakfast,” like Kerry Coyne, SVP of Marketing, Product, and Innovation for Einstein Bros hopes you will, you can get the set for $10 on the Einstein Bros website.

Source: Delish

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