Stars & Chefs Reveal: Their Final Meals

Have you ever thought about what your last meal would be?  Jennifer Garner has.  Even though she usually sticks to a healthy diet, she said, “If I had to decide that right now, if would have to be Shake Shack.” 

Others weighed in on the question of a final meal:

  • Amy Schumer said if she only had one more time to eat, she’d have the BBQ shrimp from Pascal’s Manale in New Orleans.  That dish has been a staple at the restaurant since the 1950s. 
  • New York pizza is the choice of Kim Kardashian.  She said it on a recent episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” to her best friend, the “foodgod” Jonathan Cheban
  • Celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis said she’d like to have a seven layer chocolate cake for her last meal.  And she has a specific way to eat it.  “I would eat all of the frosting on the outside, then I would peel off the cake and eat the layers in between.  I like a scavenger hunt.  It's more fun, and it takes longer to eat, so you get more pleasure out of it.” 
  • Sienna Miller said that if she had to guess what Bradley Cooper would like, she’d say it would be his grandmother’s cheesecake.  “His memories of childhood all around his grandmother making pasta and dough,” she explained.  “I love that image.” 

Source: People

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