Tourist Who Snapped Proposal Wants To Give Photo To The Couple

A romantic moment was caught on camera and the photographer wants to share it with the couple.

A tourist just happened to be taking photos on Pier 39 in San Francisco when he captured a man, down on one knee, proposing to his girlfriend.  Now he wants to give the picture to the mystery couple.

The visitor from Rhode Island has gone on Reddit in hopes of finding the lovebirds.  The snapshot, which was taken next to the Pier's "Open Heart" sculpture on March 4th, shows a woman standing in front of a young man who's down on one knee.

So far, the tourist hasn't had luck in finding the pair, but Reddit users are offering some tips that could eventually lead to a breakthrough.  It looks like two other people took a photo of the moment, but he still wants to get the picture to the couple. 

To see the picture (and it's really good), click NBC4

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