Think Twice Before You Get Your Kid A Pet Bunny For Easter

Easter is less than a week away, so kids are getting ready for egg hunts and coloring eggs and all that candy their baskets will be filled with.  But some parents like to go all out on holidays and those might even want to get their kids a pet rabbit, like a real Easter bunny.

Sure, they’re cute and all, but before you go get your little ones a live animal for Easter, know that the stats are NOT in your favor here.  It turns out, 80% of bunnies purchased as Easter presents are abandoned.  And according to the Humane Society, rabbits are the third most abandoned pet, after cats and dogs, because people like to give them as Easter presents.

So as much as you want to be the hero of the holiday, you might want to just stick to jelly beans, Peeps, and other Easter goodies that aren’t exotic pets that require a lifetime of care.  But if you do decide to go with the live Easter bunny, do your research first.  Make sure you know how to care for this animal before you add it to your family.  You don’t want to have to try to find Peter Cottontail a new home.  And kids love candy, anyway.

PHOTO:  Getty Images

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