Unicorn Grits Really Exist

The unicorn food trend is still going strong, with everything from cereal to ice cream now coming in colorful, sparkly colors.  But now you can make breakfast more magical with unicorn grits, which are now being served at a new Charleston brunch spot, Millers All Day.

Owner Greg Johnsman found these rosy-hued grits from a farmer who selectively breeds red corn. “When you mill most red corns, the red is only in the bran layer,” he explains.  “When I first milled this corn, I literally shouted, ‘Oh crap! It’s pink!’”

So at Millers All Day, you can get the pink grits in their collards-and-brisket grit bowl, their lemon icebox pie with pink cornmeal crust, and savory-sweet pink cornmeal cookies.  And you can even snag a bag of grits to take home and cook up yourself, to recreate that magical unicorn breakfast anytime you like.

Source: The Daily Meal

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