Dunkin Donuts Helping America Run With New Sneakers

Is Dunkin Donuts taking their slogan “American runs on Dunkin’” a little too seriously?  Up to you, but they believe in it so strongly that they’re now doing their part to actually help America run.  Like, for real.

The coffee and donut chain has teamed with the athletic shoe company Saucony for their very own Dunkin’ inspired sneakers.  Each pair features Dunkin’s signature colors, magenta and orange, along with pictures of sprinkles, coffee and the company’s logo, with a frosted donut on the heel, along with the Saucony logo with a coffee bean design.

Less than 2,000 pairs of these limited-edition Saucony x Dunkin’ Kinvara sneakers are being sold at $110 a pop.  Unfortunately, unlike the recent Pizza Hut Pie Tops II sneakers, which come with a special button to order pizza, Dunkin’s sneakers don’t help you get your morning coffee or donut any faster.  Check out the sneakers to the right.

Source: USA Today

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