Florida Woman Gives Birth Hours After Finding Out She’s Pregnant

A Florida woman thought her bad reaction to Chinese food was causing her tremendous stomach pains, however Crystal Gail Amerson found out she was having a baby. 

 Amerson spent two hours in pain before her fiance, Brian Westerfield, called an ambulance to their home. After Amerson was loaded onto a stretcher and put into the ambulance an EMT suggested that instead of the Chinese food being the problem, Amerson could be having a baby, "I turned my head so fast towards her that I got whiplash," recalled Westerfield. 

Before the couple got to the hospital, Amerson delivered a 5.3 pound baby boy. Westerfield says that Amerson didn’t have the normal signs of being pregnant with their first child and having a second unexpected delivery, “felt like a scene from a movie that everyone's seen, where they're walking down the hall slowly and everyone is zooming past." 

The couple has started a GoFundMe account in order to get help for their unexpected expenses. 

Did you find out at the last minute that you were pregnant?

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