STUDY: Woman Are Happier When Drinking White Wine

Women are happier drinking white rather than red wine, experts say. They found emotions such as joy and happiness were enhanced by fruity and floral white wines.

But women associated aggression and guilt with drinking aged reds.

Scientists in Spain asked more than 200 volunteers to blind-taste six white, rose and red wines. They were then asked what feelings were evoked.

Dr. Carolina Chaya, of the Technical University of Madrid, said: “Women reported significantly higher scores for joyful when consuming white wines.”

The study also found that older drinkers drank to remember, whilst the young drank to forget. The findings were published in the journal Food Quality and Preferences.

They noted: “Young adults drink wine for reasons related to disinhibition and social status, while older people use it as a social catalyst, to evoke memories and traditions.”

Overall the report found: “significant differences found by age for guilty.

“Young adults – under 35 years old – felt less guilty than middle-aged adults, when consuming any of the wines.”

Source: NY POST

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