What We Know About Toy Story 4

It may not be being released until NEXT summer (June 21, 2019 to be exact), but we're already starting to learn some details about the new Toy Story movie and people are excited. 

Lovers of Disney and Pixar rejoiced when the news broke 2 months ago that they were officially releasing Toy Story 4, a movie they've been rumored to have been working on since 2015. 

Now, we're learning a little more about the film. *Spoiler Alert* In the third Toy Story movie, character/children's toy Bo Peep is apparently given away at a yard sale. 

According to Pixar, this upcoming movie will be centered around the search to find her. 

Do you love the Toy Story Franchise? Should they have just stopped after the first one? Are there any movies where the sequels are better than the original?

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