FB & Instagram Soon To Show How Much Time You Are Spending On Their App

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how much time you spend on social media? No? Well, too bad. Facebook and Instagram have just rolled out a feature that’s going to tell you. Let’s start with Facebook.

If you head on over to Facebook towards the “Your Activity” tab, you can now access a feature called “Your Time on Facebook.” Sounds scary, right? It totally is. Especially if you spend most of your free time scrolling through your timeline. Facebook wants to make sure you’re using your time wisely, so it’s going to start telling you exactly how much time you’re spending in the void.

Now for Insta. You’re going to see an Activity Dashboard soon that will allow you to set timers on your Instagram use. That’s right! The app itself will be able to control how much time you spend on the app. Pretty cool for all of us avid swipers out there!

Source: Evening Standard

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