Magic Eraser Tips, Tricks & Hacks

You already know a Magic Eraser can help you get your little artist’s “masterpiece” drawn in crayon on your dining room walls off, but there are so many other ways this little tool can help you clean the house. These are some of the best Magic Eraser hacks around.

  • Get red food stains off Tupperware - Don’t toss that plastic container with soup stains in it, scrub it with a Magic Eraser and watch them disappear forever.

  • Clean dry erase boards - When you can’t get last year’s chore chart off the white board, this super sponge can help you get it done so you can start fresh and clean.

  • Make sneakers bright and white - Your kids’ kicks will look almost like new with a few rubs with a Magic Eraser.

  • Clean your oven - Scary oven stains are no match for the grime-removing power of a Magic Eraser.

  • Get stains out of clothing - This handy sponge works on grass stains, baby formula stains, and more.

  • Remove labels from glass bottles - Save your fingernails and get those pesky labels off with your handy dandy Magic Eraser.

  • Remove slow-cooker stains - Scrubbing the inside of your slow cooker used to be a pain until you knew this power sponge could get it looking as good as new.

Source: Popsugar

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