Hair Salons Are Coming To A CVS Near You

Our schedules are super busy, so we love multitasking to get more done in less time and soon we’ll be able to do that when we run to pick up a prescription at CVS. Making a separate stop to grab your meds used to be a hassle, but soon you’ll also be able to get a beauty treatment done at the store-within-the-drugstore while you’re there, so that’s one more thing you can cross off your to-do list.

CVS is bringing the on-demand, in-home beauty service Glamsquad to stores and they’ll offer express blowouts, dry styling, braids, a 30-minute makeup refresher, and even manicures. The new in store spots are called BeautyIRL and CVS has already opened four locations in Florida, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, with plans to expand in 2019. Services are quick and range from $30 to $45.

BeautyIRL locations take walk-ins or you can book an appointment in advance and they’re staffed by professional makeup artists and trained stylists. So if you find yourself with a spare half hour while you’re running errands, you could stop by and get your hair or nails done while grabbing the items on your shopping list. Bring it on CVS.

Source: Well and Good

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