Most Workers Don’t Take A Lunch Break

We all know work days can get really busy, and it seems for plenty of people, their days are so crazy they don’t have time to take a real lunch break.

A new survey finds that 51% of American workers say they are unable to take a full lunch break. Because of this, 30% of workers say they wind up eating at their desk, with lack of time and a perception that there’s always too much work amongst the biggest reasons they eat at their desk. Shockingly, for 49% lunch is just a distraction from getting their work done. 

And when workers do take breaks from the office, it usually isn't to eat.  The survey finds that 75% of workers use their break to take a walk. Reasons for taking that walk include:

  • To get exercise (63%)
  • To walk to clear their head (57%)
  • Enjoy the weather (51%)
  • De-stress (43%)

And it’s pretty apparent that break is necessary. When folks work through lunch they wind up feeling tired (44%), stressed (31%), overwhelmed (24%), exhausted (26%) and anxious (20%). 

Source: SWNS Digital

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