Ellen DeGeneres Has Launched Her Own Clothing Line!

Ellen DeGeneres just launched her own clothing line at Walmart called EV1.

If you visit your local Walmart, you'll now be able to purchase affordable, cute women's clothes!

Everything is $30.00 or less and offers sizes XS to XXXL.

EV1 will feature 60 different pieces. You will find everything from jeans, leggings, jackets, t-shirts, accessories and shoes!

Ellen wanted to create something that any and every one could wear.

Starting today, September 10th everything will be available at Walmart.com and only select items will be sold in stores.

She stated "EV1 is a brand for everyone. It's got the 'EV' for every and the '1' for one. We could've called it 'There's something here for literally every person' but EV1 is catchier."

Here's a list of some of the items available:

1. Denim Jacket- $28.00

2. Tees- $12.00

3. Sock It To Me- $9.99

4. Kicks- Console Lace Up Sneaker- $30.00

5. Skinny Jeans- $24.00

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