Google's Family Link Allows Parents To Control Kids Phones Remotely

The Family Link App, is now extending to teens!

Google introduced the parental control hub last year for children under the age of 13-years-old, but has just extended the feature for teenagers 13 and older.

Family link current allows parents to lock their devices when they've been on them too long, approve or block apps to be downloaded from the Play Store, locate their kids through the device and set screen time limits using the app. Soon, they'll be able to lock their devices by asking their Google Assistant.  

This new extended feature to teenagers is not a little different. In order for the parents to be able to control their device, both parties must consent. The teen can deny the parents control, but it couldlock-down the device up to 24 hours, and not allow the parents to change the teens device passwords.

"Parents have had the ability to lock their kids’ devices from their Family Link apps, but soon they’ll be able to ask Google Assistant to do it for them with a voice command. You can say, “Hey Google, lock Johnny’s device,” and they’ll have five minutes to wrap up before the phone locks.

The Google Assistant update also adds family-friendly content for accounts managed by Family Link. Google Assistant can recognize up to six different voices, and if it hears a child that it recognizes asking questions, it will provide kid-friendly responses. For example, if your child says, “Hey Google, check for monsters”, it’ll make laser noises as if it’s scanning the room for monsters, and then say, “All clear!”"

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What do you think of Google's newest parental control feature? How do you control your kids smart devices?

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