"Love Weight" Is Real and Common In Relationships

Previous studies have suggested that being in love can make you fat, and a new survey reveals just how many people have put on the pounds since getting into a relationship.

A poll conducted on behalf of Jenny Craig finds that 79% of people are carrying around what they call “love weight,” with those polled saying they gained 36 pounds since getting together with their significant other, 17 pounds within the first year of that relationship. Interestingly, men are more likely to say they’ve gained weight during their first year in a relationship than women (69% vs 45%).

So, what is causing people to put on the “love weight?” Well, the biggest reason seems to be an increase in eating out at the start of a new relationship (42%), followed by adopting a less active lifestyle (34%). 

Other reasons folks put on “love weight” include:

  • Staying in, ordering take-out/cooking at home while drinking together (30%)

  • Stopped exercising as much to spend more time together (30%)

  • We love to try new food and restaurants together (29%)

  • Started a family (27%)

  • Less motivation to maintain physique (21%)

  • Started demanding jobs (9%)

  • Splitting Uber/taxi instead of walking somewhere (8%) 

  • Meanwhile, if that relationship turns into marriage, folks can expect to gain even more weight. The poll finds the most weight is gained five years into a marriage, with starting a family the biggest reason married people put on the pounds.

Source: SWNS Digital

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