Bill Cosby Hit With A Hot Dog On His First Night In Prison

Bill Cosby, on his first night in jail, had a hot dog thrown at him, hitting him in the face and causing the 81 year old to fall down a few steps. 

A phone call was made via speakerphone to Cosby's wife, Camille to tell her about what happened. The conversation was overheard by a source of the Montgomery County courthouse.

Cosby told his wife, to "grab the checkbook" and to hire "anyone and everyone" who could facilitate his release from prison.

Andrew Wyatt, Cosby's publicist told TMZ Cosby was being treated "very well".

Wyatt said, "First off, people were amazed to meet him and see him, and they're just treating him very nicely...they're very respectful to him."

Full Story & Credit: HERE

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