The 10 Most Haunted Colleges In America

Ask most college students and they’ll tell you college life can be really scary, but it can be even scarier if you go to a school that’s actually haunted. Okay, some people may not believe in that stuff, but apparently there are plenty of colleges that do, and are actually proud that they're haunted.

Well, College Consensus has just come out with their list of the Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges in America. The site made their determinations "by looking for colleges that not only have a substantial history of ghost stories attached to them, but for those that embrace their status as the most haunted colleges in America."

Topping the list is Smith College, which has been around since 1871, giving it plenty of time to develop some ghost stories. In fact, the college actually embraces their haunted status, with their website featuring a continually-updated listing of all of the campus ghosts that have been reported. The school’s most famous ghosts are that of star-crossed lovers, a British soldier and an American girl, who would meet in the hidden stairs of Sessions House, which was built in 1751. The hidden staircase is real, and on Halloween residents are usually told to try and find it. 

Top Ten Most Haunted Colleges In America

  1. Smith College - Northampton, MA
  2. University of Notre Dame - Notre Dame, IN
  3. Kenyon College - Gambier, OH
  4. Gettysburg College - Gettysburg, PA
  5. Flagler College - St. Augustine, FL
  6. Huntingdon College - Montgomery, AL
  7. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College - Saint Mary's, IN
  8. University of Montevallo - Montevallo, AL
  9. Drew University - Madison, NJ
  10. Ohio University - Athens, OH

Source: College Consensus

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