Study Finds Women Are More Productive Than Men

Ladies, if you feel like you’re doing more work than the men around the office, that’s probably because you are. According to new research, women perform slightly more work than men and may be getting assigned a bigger chunk of it.

A new State of the Workplace Report from the productivity platform Hive pulled data from over 3,000 men and women in workspaces that use Hive to see how workers communicate, behave and approach working relationships. Their research finds that while women send around 20% more chat messages than their male colleagues, they’re still completing 10% more work. That may be partly because women are also assigned more work, with the data showing nearly 55% of tasks get assigned to women, compared to the 45% that go to men.

The report also reveals that both men and women tend to assign more tasks to people of the same gender. Male workers give 20% more tasks to men and female workers tend to assign 20% more tasks to women. And the employees are also slightly more likely to finish tasks assigned by someone of the same gender. But both men and women are only finishing about 66% of the tasks they’re assigned.

Hive also researched how workers use so-called passive phrases like “I think” and “sorry” and they didn’t find any major gender differences. It turns out, both genders use “please,” “sorry,” and “I think” at basically the same rate but women are more likely to use exclamation points and emojis and slightly more messages from men include “thanks.”

Source: Moneyish

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