Mom Gets Caught Sneaking Booze Using Her Child's Sippy Cup

This mother decided to sneak alcohol into a movie theater using her child's sippy cup.

She filled up her five-year-old son's cup and got drunk on a Friday afternoon, with her child there.

The woman now is facing misdemeanor reckless conduct and public intoxication charges.

The warrant alleges that the woman drank the beverage in the sippy cup and may have taken a central nervous system depressant while at the movie with her son.

Apparently she drank so much that she was unable to walk or take care of him.

Her son began to cry, leading people in the movie theater to notice and complain to employees.

Staff ended up stopping the woman from getting in the car with her son.

She was then taken to the hospital for treatment and one of the mother's friends picked her son up from the theater.

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