Bill Cosby Gets Slapped Across the Face with Chicken Patty in Prison

You know I've never been to prison but my guess is the best thing new prisoners can do is keep your head down and keep a very low profile until you get a lay of the land. Bill Cosby doesn't seem to agree and has already made enemies with his fellow prison inmates. Reportedly Cosby took a chicken patty to the face for telling a joke another inmate did not find amusing. Going on two weeks in the slammer for sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand, the 81-year-old was slapped in the face with a chicken patty that was hurled towards him. Though random, this actually is not the first time within the short period that Cosby has been assaulted with food. Within minutes of arriving to his initial jail back in September, the former TV dad was allegedly slapped in the head with a stale hot dog bun. (


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