Dirty Little Secrets Of Holiday Gift Giving

While some of us don’t want to start thinking about holiday shopping yet, it’s almost that time, and while gift giving should be a joyful thing, it turns out some people are holding on to some deep secrets when it comes to holiday shopping. 

It seems while most people are just looking to get a thoughtful gift for someone they love, there are plenty of people who have other things on their mind. A new Coinstar poll finds that 26% of people admit they treat gift giving like a competitive sport,  purposely setting out to one up someone else.

And then there are the people who put no thought into a gift. In fact, some don't buy gifts at all.  Believe it or not, 65% of people say they are re-gifters, with only 19% of people feelling guilty about it. Surprised by someone giving you a gift? Well, there are plenty of people who take precautions so that doesn’t happen. In fact, 45% of people say they buy backup gifts just in case they get an unexpected gift from someone else.

  • Overall, most folks don’t seem to be in a rush for the holiday shopping season to start. It seems 36% of people get irritated when retailers start putting up holiday decorations early. What’s more, 19% say just thinking about holiday shopping stresses them out. And office gift giving is also very stressful, with 35% of people admitting they have anxiety over their office Secret Santa.

Source: Business Journals

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