Skinny Pop Popcorn Has 2 New Holiday Flavors

Skinny Pop popcorn is known for their light and tasty air-popped popcorn. Now they are jumping on the new flavor bandwagon and will be selling Gingerbread Cookie and White Chocolate Peppermint flavored popcorn!

According to EliteDaily, this is what they will taste like: 

The White Chocolate Peppermint popcorn, which is pretty much all I would ever want to munch on, while cozying up to a warm, roaring fire. 

The Gingerbread Cookie popcorn, a treat that pays homage to my dear old pal, the Gingerbread Man. Between that sharp ginger taste and hints of cinnamon sugar, there's seriously nothing better than flavors from the classic cookie. 

They are currently on sale at Target, Walmart, and other grocery stores!

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