Seven Urban Legends Everyone Believes

It's Halloween season so we wanted to get more in the holiday spirit by sharing the most commonly-believed urban legends! Not all of these are 100% true, but at one point in time you probably believed in them. Check them out:

  • Will chanting ‘Bloody Mary’ 13 times in front of a darkened mirror summon a ghost?
  • If I pee in the pool, will the water change color?
  • Did a bug crawl into a boy’s ear and eat its way to his brain?
  • If I swallow my gum, will it take seven years to digest?
  • Can alligators live in sewers?
  • Was a girl beheaded after sticking her head out the window of a school bus?
  • Are cars driving without their headlights on part of a deadly gang initiation?


IMAGE: Getty

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