You Can Now Add A Countdown Clock To Your Instagram Stories

As if we didn’t update our Instagram enough, there’s now a feature that will allow you to hold a public countdown to the thing you’re excited about. Whether it’s looking towards the new calendar year or counting down the minutes until your Dominos pizza delivery, Instagram will help you ring in the moment.

All you have to do is make a story and choose the countdown option from the list of add-ons. You can make countdowns that are minutes, days or even years away, and you have the option to keep posting the countdown to your story until the day actually comes. Of course, as with anything on Instagram, you have complete control over customizing your countdown from the name of it to the colors.

You’ll have the option to share your countdown and post other people’s countdowns to your own story. It’s a great way to get everyone you know involved in something you’re excited about… even if you’re just waiting for 5pm on Friday. Use the countdown feature to celebrate your small victories!

Source: Bustle

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