CDC Pushes For Flu Vaccination As H1N1 Becomes The Dominant Virus

The flu strain that caused a global outbreak in 2009 is back as the dominant strain this year.

That’s why the CDC is warning people to take precautions against the flu. Flu season has officially begun, and the CDC says the dominant strain this year is the H1N1, it's the same flu virus that killed 50-million people in the pandemic of 1918 besides the 2009 outbreak that saw shortages of Tamiflu.

This year, it's still too early to tell if H1N1 will infect a majority of those who get the flu, but a CDC spokesperson says most flu activity so far this season has been driven by the H1N1 infections.

So far, young children seem to be the most affected with flu and hospitalization rates for the age group jumping. The agency reports 11 children has also died from the strain. The Northeast and Southeast are seeing the highest activity.

Now’s the time to get that flu shot for your family. Remember, it takes two weeks to kick in. Frequent hand washing will also help prevent infection. Source: MassLive

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