Here's How to Disable FaceTime on Your Apple Device Until the Bug is Fixed

You might want to get rid of the FaceTime app on your iPhone because a HUGE bug has been discovered that lets a caller hear and see you before you even answer their call.

A security flaw in Apple's most recent iOS update has allowed the exploit to happen when people try to FaceTime you and they add themselves to the call. Once doing that they can then hear you without you even knowing.

Apple is currently working on an update to fix the bug, but in the mean time you can do the following things to prevent someone from exploiting the bug during a FaceTime call:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad

  2. Search for the FaceTime option, or scroll to the option, and select the icon

  3. Switch the FaceTime toggle to off

Once you do that you won't be able to FaceTime anyone or receive FaceTime calls, but just remember to turn the feature back on if you plan to make any FaceTime calls once the bug is fixed!

Also below is a video tutorial a listener and his friend made that is now going viral!!!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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