Rascal Flatts Issues Statement On Failed Restaurant Venture With Mobster

Rascal Flatts is responding to a story detailing how the band had planned to open a nationwide chain of branded restaurants and how it went belly-up under the leadership of an alleged mobster who allegedly took millions from investors.

Seems the guys entered into a licensing agreement with Frank Capri, the alias of alleged “mafia soldier” Frank Gioia Jr. that was given to him when he entered the federal Witness Protection Program in 1999 after testifying against members of the Lucchese Crime Family.

In addition, Capri is also allegedly connected to the failure of several restaurants branded to country singer Toby Keith, with lawsuits claiming he “stiffed contractors, broke lease agreements and took millions of dollars meant to pay for construction.”

However, the band maintains it had no association with Capri and his alleged misdeeds, and only agreed to license the band’s name for the project.



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