Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Prime Day Coming Up

The Black Friday of the summer is just around the corner aka Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day is the one day of HUGE deals available only for Amazon Prime members.

Basically there's deals on everything like electronics, clothes, movies, games, furniture, and so much more.

Depending on what you want to buy, some things are on sale only for a few hours, while others are on sale until they sell out.

While there isn't an official date that's been announced yet, this is what you should know to be mentally prepared for this big day all thanks to theTV Guide.

In the past, Prime Day has taken place sometime in July like 2019 was on July 16 and 2017 was on July 11, so you can expect this year's around the same time frame.

If you want to take part in Prime Day, you do need an Amazon Prime subscription and all of the products will be revealed once it gets closer to the date.

Since there are some flash sales, if there's an item you want it's best to add it to your watchlist and be notified when it goes on sale to ensure you get that item.

Lastly, there will be deals on Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Kindle products.

Do you plan on participating in Prime Day?

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