Tesla Sued After Two Year Old Crashes Car Into His Pregnant Mom

A California family has filed a product liability lawsuit against Tesla after a woman was pinned against a garage wall when her 2-year-old son climbed into her parked Model X and accidentally drove it into her. According to the lawsuit,Mallory Harcourt was eight months pregnant at the time of the incident, which resulted in several broken bones and led to the premature delivery of her second child, who was uninjured in the incident.She claims that Tesla should have safety features that would make it more difficult for a toddler to operate its vehicles. But Tesla claims it is her son who is at fault, and insist that accidentally pressing an accelerator can happen in any car, and not just a Model X. Her son started crying from behind the wheel when he saw his mother was hurt and claims the child has been traumatized for months since the incident and required therapy. They are seeking an unspecified amount of money. 


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