National Doughnut Day Freebies & Deals

Tomorrow (June 7th) is the first Friday in June and that means it’s National Doughnut Day. Unlike some other made up food holidays, this one has a real history. National Doughnut Day was established back in 1938 by the Chicago branch of the Salvation Army as a way to honor the women - known as “Donut Lassies” - who used the minimal resources they had to make doughnuts for soldiers during World War I.

Now that you know the backstory, here’s where you can find free doughnuts, deals, and discounts for National Doughnut Day tomorrow:

  • Cumberland Farms- Swing by the store and buy a “dispensed beverage” to get a doughnut for free, with flavors including Cocoa-Hazelnut-filled, Cookies and Cream, Glazed, and Blueberry.
  • Duck Donuts- They’re giving away a free bare, powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar donut to each customer in stores.
  • Dunkin’- Buy any drink and get a free classic donut of your choice, options include Boston Kreme, Glazed, Glazed Chocolate, and Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles.
  • Krispy Kreme- Their National Doughnut Day deal is a two-parter. First, come in Friday to get a free doughnut, no purchase required. The doughnut chain also made a bet that if they give away a million freebies on Friday, they’ll have another giveaway of their next new doughnut later this month.
  • Walmart- Stop in the bakery section of a participating store to get one free glazed doughnut.

Source:Food and Wine

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