Most Americans Skip Their Lunch Break

We’ve all got to eat, but taking time out of our work day to stop and have a break for lunch is something less and less people are doing in this day and age. A new survey finds lots of Americans are skipping the average lunch break, with Millennials the most guilty of doing it, with two in three saying they skip it to “get ahead” at work. 

But even when folks do take lunch, they are rarely just eating. Most spend their lunch break distracted, with 67% spending their time checking social media, and 59% checking out the news. And forget going out, most people say they spend, on average, at least half of the work week eating lunch at their desk.

And with so many people busy during lunch, few are making healthy choices. Convenience tends to the biggest factor when it comes to deciding what people eat, with 53% of people saying they don’t think about want to eat until they’re actually hungry.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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