Man Doesn't Pay For Chicken Wing Meal But Exposes Himself

Florida man has been accused of exposing himself and rubbing his genitals after dining at a chicken restaurant. He was held by the store manager and a witness who had been in the family restaurant at the time after he didn't pay for his chicken wing meal. Witnesses say that Brandon Paul Muenz had finished his meal and then a restaurant employee walked over to ask if he was going to pay for his meal.He tried to look for money but was unable to find any. While doing so, one of the witnesses said, he began rubbing himself.The witness was so upset, she went to get the manager. Muenz ran out the front door, away from the manager. When they arrived, deputies said they saw Muenz sitting on the floor with the manager and a customer standing by him. Muenz’s clothing was torn up and, when he moved, his genitals could be seen.


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