Cops Mistake Cotton Candy For Meth And Arrest Couple

Back in 2016,Dasha Fincher was driving with her boyfriend in Macon, Georgia when they got pulled over because their car window tint looked "too dark."

While she was a bit nervous about being pulled over, she and her boyfriend were very cooperative until the officer noticed a bag of what appeared to be crystal meth on the back seat. When the officer asked what it was, Dasha said it was an old bag of cotton candy that had been sitting in the car and turned to crystals. The officer claimed to test the contents of the bag and said it turned up positive for meth. The couple was arrested on the spot. 

She was charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. Her bond was set at $1-million, an amount she couldn't even come close to paying. She spent three months in jail. Eventually, she was released after the crime lab results came back negative for any illegal drugs.

She's now suing. 

Source: CBS NEWS

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