Texas Walmart Now Putting Armed Guards Near Ice Cream At Texas Store

A Texas Walmart is taking no chances in the frozen ice cream aisle following “The Blue Bell Licker” viral video scandal. They have enlisted an “armed” guard to protect the ice cream shelves. The employee is prepared with a water gun to do what is necessary.

Police have identified the San Antonio juvenile who went viral last week for opening and licking a container of the frozen Blue Bell ice cream before putting the item back on the shelf, cackling and walking away. A nine-second clip has since been viewed over 12 million times on Twitter.

In reply, a Walmart branch in Corpus Christi jokingly prepared for the worst case scenario by tasking a staffer with "guarding" their shelves of Blue Bell with a giant water gun in case any copy cats tried to get cute. 

"We're guarding our Blue Bell ice cream for your weekend party,” reps for the store allegedly wrote in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.

Source: ABC13

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