Amazon Warehouse Workers Plan Prime Day Protest Over Working Conditions

Workers at an Amazon warehouse will be protesting during the biggest two days of the retailer’s year.

The work stoppage at the Shakopee, Minnesota warehouse will happen on the two day Prime Day sale. The root of the problem is productivity quotas. The threat of being fired hangs over the workers’ heads if not met and some say it makes the job more unsafe.

Worker Tyler Hamilton, 22, says the other issue is temporary workers. While the company touts great benefits, the temporary workers make up much of the workforce and don’t receive many of the benefits, if any.

The company has responded by saying "We encourage anyone to compare our pay, benefits and workplace to other retailers and major employers in the Shakopee community and across the country," and the statement goes on to praise the benefits available. They also noted that an outside company started the trouble.

Hamilton says not so, as the workers reached out to the outside organization for assistance in the protest. Why? Because the young man says “This is not something they teach in school.”

Source:CBS News

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