Meteorologist Calls Out On-Air Double Standard For Her Wardrobe

A meteorologist is fighting back against a troll who had some not-so-nice things to say about her on-screen wardrobe. 

Lauren Linahan, a morning meteorologist at WTVM in Columbus, Georgia, felt the need to respond after someone on Facebook criticized her for repeating outfits on the air, writing, “Oh, and tell your female weather forecaster that we have seen all five of the same dresses. Enough,” and adding, “How backyard can you get!”

Well, Lauren wasn’t about to stand for it, responding, “Since there appears to be some confusion on this matter, I am the sole proprietor of my on-air wardrobe,” noting, “I don’t have a stylist (lol) and no allocated wardrobe allowance. Any dress you see me wearing on-air comes from my own hard-earned money or a generous gift from my family (thanks, Mom!).”

The meteorologist then reiterated that she doesn’t exactly have an unlimited budget to constantly buy new dresses, although she does own about 100, and then she called out the double standard when it comes to females on TV. “I rarely see criticism like this directed toward my male counterparts, who can get away with repeating suits much more frequently,” she noted. “But even then, isn’t our forecast more important than how often we are wearing the same suit or same dress?”

Lauren also responded to the woman privately, who actually responded with an apology. "She didn’t mean to hurt my feelings,” Lauren says. “That’s progress.” Lauren tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “Four years ago, a message like this would have made me cry. Now I want to help younger female anchors avoid appeasing the audience.”


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